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Our Job is Not Complete Until You Are Completely Satisfied

Cara Lloyd
Published on
February 12, 2020

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and honestly, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is your indoor air quality.

But guess what? Good indoor air quality is a crucial part of you and your family’s health and well-being, particularly if there are allergy or asthma sufferers in your home. The good news is that achieving healthy air can be quite easy when you have a forced-air system.

There are a number of different air purifiers and filters that can be seamlessly added to your air distribution to trap and kill airborne particulates.

Types of Air Purifiers

  • Replaceable filters
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • UV germicidal lights
  • Air scrubbers

Replaceable Filters

When you think “air filter,” this is probably what comes to mind. Replaceable filters are usually made of folded paper or fiberglass and are typically mounted in the furnace or air handler of your home comfort system.

When air passes through a disposable filter, the particles in the air stick to the filter material, and are then taken out of circulation. As their name suggests, disposable filters are designed to be discarded after use and replaced with a fresh filter. Disposable filters should be changed on a regular basis.

Filters with higher MERV ratings can also strain out some bacteria and viruses. However, there are some particles air filters cannot capture, so you may want to consider using an additional type of air purifier with an air filter.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners, sometimes referred to as ionizers or electronic air purifiers, use electrically charged filters to reduce the number of airborne contaminants in your home. As air passes through your heating and cooling system, the electronic air cleaner traps large particles (such as dust and dander) in a prefilter. Then, electrically charged filters attract and trap smaller particles (such as bacteria and mold) to prevent them from recirculating through your home.

  • Delivers fresher, cleaner air for your entire home
  • Removes more than 95% of allergy-aggravating particles
  • Safe for the environment with no ozone emissions
  • No cleaning is required
  • Compatible with any HVAC system

UV Germicidal Lights

The best way to combat organic particles in the air, such as molds and bacteria, is to kill them off. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of a germicidal light. By blasting the air with a powerful ultraviolet light as it passes through the furnace or air handler, these organic particles are rendered harmless.

UV lights are a preventative and do not have the ability to filter anything, so they should be used in conjunction with an electronic or mechanical air cleaner.

Air Scrubbers

An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that removes particles, gasses, and/or chemicals from the air within a given area. These machines draw air in from the surrounding environment and pass it through a series of filters to remove contaminants.

Like any sweetheart should, your HVAC system works day and night to keep you and your family happy, healthy, and comfortable. This Valentine’s Day return the favor by calling Prudential Heating and Air Conditioning to give your HVAC system the love that it needs!

For more information on how you can improve your indoor air quality, contact Prudential Heating and Air Conditioning.

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