Prevention is better than a cure…don’t take your HVAC system for granted

Planned Maintenance Service


Prevent by identifying and fixing issues before they cause a breakdown.


Routine maintenance keeps utility bills down, and energy efficiency up.


Rest easy, knowing that your family will be comfortable all year round.

HVAC Maintenance Plans

Any service contract is only as good as the company that stands behind it.

When you choose an HVAC maintenance agreement with Prudential, you’re getting the best value for your dollar from a recognized industry leader. We’ll make it easy to understand your options and get the right contract for your needs. From a discount on parts, equipment, and other services to discounted emergency service rates, Prudential’s maintenance program will provide comfort and give you one less thing to worry about throughout the year. Let us assume the financial risk of breakdown, not you! Our maintenance program offers energy savings, longer equipment life, safety, and increased efficiency.

Gold PlanRecommended

$ 99

Per Month
  •  Prescheduled air conditioning maintenance service.
  •  Prescheduled heating maintenance service.
  • Repair service with no diagnostic or labor charge.*
  • Discount on diagnostic and labor charges for after hours emergency service.
  • 10% discount on repair parts.
  •  10% discount on repair service labor not covered by this maintenance agreement.
  •  10% discount on any heating, air conditioning or indoor air quality equipment purchase.
  • FREE one inch standard air filter on each maintenance visit.
  • Priority scheduling.
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*Except labor for replacing compressor, reversing valve, heat exchanger or evaporator coil, M-F 8am-4pm, except holidays.

Giving you Peace of Mind, all year long.

Plan Ahead

Smart Decision

Our affordable maintenance contracts will keep your equipment running safely, efficiently, and reliably all year long. A Planned Service agreement with Prudential will also give you the peace of mind to know that you and your family will enjoy comfort year-round. Available for both Residential and Commercial systems.

Regular Maintenance

Most people take their heating and cooling system for granted, until it fails. This results in decreased efficiency, higher utility bills, discomfort, the need for premature replacement, and higher repair costs. Getting your heating and cooling system checked twice a year is just as important as getting your car serviced every 3,000 miles!

Transfer Agreement

Prudential’s maintenance agreements are also transferable. Should you decide to sell your home, your maintenance agreement with Prudential will make your home more marketable. Call today to receive a free estimate for your maintenance agreement with Prudential and add value to your home!

Two Visits

We will call you twice a year to schedule your maintenance service visits. It’s one less thing for you to worry about! We will keep your heating and air conditioning system running safely, efficiently, and reliably to make certain that you are comfortable in your own home or office.

24/7 Availability

In the event of a breakdown, you will receive service during regular business hours for no additional labor charge. If needed, you will receive emergency service on nights, weekends, and holidays at a discounted rate. We are available 24 hours a day to better serve your needs.

Other Benefits

On top of this, as part of your Service Maintenance Plan, you will receive
-10% discount on repair parts
-10% discount on heating, cooling, and indoor air quality equipment
-10% discount on any additional services that may be wanted or required
Preparing your Air Conditioner for Warm Weather

Summer Checklist

  • Check and clean condenser coil
  • Check thermostat calibration and operation
  • Check and clean blower assembly
  • Lubricate condenser motor bearings
  • Check and clean indoor coil as required
  • Check and record temperature drop on A-coil
  • Check and clean condensation drain
  • Check and record refrigerant PSI
  • Check condenser coil for damage
  • Check all safety and protective devices
  • Check fan blade for cracks
  • Check mount or concrete pad
  • Make necessary recommendations or repairs
  • Comprehensive report of services performed
Preparing your Furnace for Cold Weather

Winter Checklist

  • Check or replace air filter (except media/EAC)
  • Check and clean gas burners
  • Check and clean pilot assembly
  • Check thermocouple or pilot safety
  • Check and clean flame sensor
  • Check and clean out condensate drain trap
  • Check PSI switch and limit
  • Check and clean heat exchanger
  • Check vent and flue pipe for rust
  • Check and clean blower assembly
  • Lubricate blower bearings as required
  • Check burner for efficient burn and draft
  • Check blower operation and temperature rise
  • Check thermostat calibration and operation
  • Make necessary recommendations or repairs
  • Comprehensive report of services performed
Prevent Future Repairs with Routine Maintenance

Hindsight is 20/20

It’s true what they say: hindsight is 20/20. After repairing your furnace or AC, the technician often reveals that your repair could have been avoided with routine maintenance tune-ups. Rather than spend more on repair and replacement services, our maintenance service will maximize your system’s lifespan and efficiency. Whether you live in Louisville, or Southern Indiana, our thorough inspections will optimize your HVAC equipment for a long, healthy life. This way, you can stay comfortable each season, knowing that you are enjoying the greatest possible return on your investment.

Service That Never Sleeps…

Residential HVAC

Low-efficiency HVAC systems drain your wallet without improving indoor climate. With Prudential’s scheduled system inspections, you’ll enjoy lower utility bills, improved energy efficiency and optimal heating & cooling.With state-of-the-art technology and scheduled inspections, we can ensure that your family is breathing fresh, clean air and touching germ-free surfaces year-round. Improve your air quality, your family is worth it.

Business & Maintenance

Commercial HVAC

For business owners, ensuring that all equipment is functional and serviced on time can mean the difference between business success and operational failure. Did you also know that routine HVAC maintenance can also save you money each month on your electricity bills – thus reducing your monthly overhead and placing more profits in the black column? This is why we offer HVAC maintenance contracts to keep your system running smoothly.




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Ron Gratton

I'm in a new subdivision, Rock Springs, and checking out the ducting in my basement I noticed a portion of the return duct missing. Contacted Prudential this morning around 10am and a service tech was at my home at 1:30pm and took care of the return duct and performed a detailed inspection of the complete system.The reviews here are good, so was somewhat expecting good service, but this prompt and professional service I enjoyed exceeded my expectations, and that on a free warranty call.

Chad Shelton

Recently we had to get a new Home AC unit after about 5 companies had come out to quote the job Prudential came out, gave a very fair estimate, their staff was extremely polite and professional. The job was done in a timely manner and my wife is extremely happy we have ice cold AC again! Thank you! Would highly recommend 👍🏼👍🏼

Susan Black

Excellent service. The service technician arrived promptly and gave me an honest estimate. He worked quickly to get my heater working as fast as possible. Very knowledgeable and polite. He made sure that everything was working correctly and cleaned up everything before he left. I was impressed and extremely happy with the service I received. Without a doubt I will always call Prudential for any heating and cooling needs.

David Emery

Very satisfied. When first getting a pricing estimate, the person evaluating our system was patient and honest. The first to evaluate the amount of air flow in our home and explain why a larger unit wouldn't be efficient, thereby saving us money. Technicians were clean, professional and finished replacement of air conditioning system in 75% of time originally estimated. Highly recommend.

Catherine Jaffke

Awesome experience. If you can say that about losing your Air Conditioning in August! Like 140 degrees in our attic. But the reps kept going till the job was done. I also used Prudential in my office, as it went out as well! Both jobs done within 1 week. Cannot ask for more this time of year. Would recommend in a heart beat. Three quotes and theirs was the best price and Lennox equipment to boot!

George Street

Prudential installed the original HVAC in my home 21 years ago. Each spring and fall they have arrived to check proper functioning. Each time an emergency occurred (not many) they were right there to help. The new installation was to replace an aging unit and gain efficiency. The sales person was great at explaining to the options and the installation team was quick, clean, efficient and friendly. I could not ask for more. They are my go-to dealer.

Charles Duncan

My wife and I are so very pleased with our new furnace and air. Great experience starting with salesman, thru duct cleaning, and finally installation. Extremely professional from start to finish. MY last HVAC was Lennox, and it lasted 25 years, and I have no reason not to believe this unit will not exceed my expectations. My first electric bill was half of what it was last year and the atmosphere in the house has a very noticeable difference. We love it. I would go out of my way to recommend Prudential and their very fine quality Lennox products and service.

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