Planned Maintenance Service


Prevent repairs by identifying and fixing issues before they cause a breakdown.


Routine maintenance keeps utility bills down, and energy efficiency up.


Rest easy, knowing that your family will be comfortable all year round.


It’s true what they say: hindsight is 20/20. After repairing your furnace or air conditioner, the technician often reveals that your repair could have been avoided with routine maintenance tune-ups. Rather than spend more on repair and replacement services, our preventative maintenance service will maximize your system’s lifespan and efficiency. Whether you live in Louisville or Southern Indiana, our thorough inspections will optimize your HVAC equipment for a long, healthy life. This way, you can stay comfortable each season, knowing that you are enjoying the greatest possible return on your investment.

When you become an MVP, you’re getting the best value for your dollar from a recognized industry leader. We’ll make it easy to understand your options and get the right contract for your needs. From discounts on parts, equipment, and other services to discounted emergency service rates, Prudential’s maintenance program will provide comfort and give you one less thing to worry about throughout the year. Let us assume the financial risk of breakdown, not you! Our maintenance program provides you with energy savings, longer equipment life, safety, and increased efficiency.

You plan includes:

  • One Pre-Scheduled Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Service.
  • One Pre-Scheduled Heating Preventative Maintenance Service.
  • Repair Service at No Additional Charge*.
  • Discounted Emergency Service for Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays.
  • 10% discount on repair parts.
  • 10% discount on services otherwise not covered under the Maintenance Value Plan.
  • 10% discount on any heating, air conditioning or indoor air quality equipment purchase.
  • FREE one inch standard air filter on each preventative maintenance visit.
  • Priority Scheduling.

    *Except labor for replacing the compressor, reversing valves, heat exchanger or evaporator coil.

Starting at $210

(with discounts for multiple systems)

Air conditioning
service Check list

  • Check and clean condenser coil
  • Check thermostat calibration and operation
  • Check and clean blower assembly
  • Lubricate condenser motor bearings
  • Check and clean indoor coil as required
  • Check and record temperature drop on A-coil
  • Check and clean condensation drain
  • Check and record refrigerant PSI
  • Check condenser coil for damage
  • Check all safety and protective devices
  • Check fan blade for cracks
  • Check mount or concrete pad
  • Make necessary recommendations or repairs
  • Comprehensive report of services performed

heating service
check list

  • Check or replace air filter (except media/EAC)
  • Check and clean gas burners
  • Check and clean pilot assembly
  • Check thermocouple or pilot safety
  • Check and clean flame sensor
  • Check and clean out condensate drain trap
    Check PSI switch and limit
  • Check and clean heat exchanger
  • Check vent and flue pipe for rust
  • Check and clean blower assembly
  • Lubricate blower bearings as required
  • Check burner for efficient burn and draft
  • Check blower operation and temperature rise
  • Check thermostat calibration and operation
  • Make necessary recommendations or repairs
  • Comprehensive report of services performed

Become an MVP and enjoy complete peace of mind. Annual tune-ups for both your air conditioning and heating systems ensure your systems are operating at peak performance.

Prudential’s maintenance agreements are transferable to new clients. Should you decide to sell your home, your maintenance value plan with Prudential will make your home more marketable. Call today to receive a free estimate for your maintenance agreement with Prudential and add value to your home!

We will call you twice a year to schedule your preventative maintenance services. It’s one less thing for you to worry about! We will keep your heating and air conditioning system running safely, efficiently, and reliably to make certain that you are comfortable in your own home or office.

In the event of a breakdown, you will receive service during regular business hours for no additional labor charge. If needed, you will receive emergency service on nights, weekends, and holidays at a discounted rate. We are available 24 hours a day to better serve your needs.

Our Maintenance Value Plan will keep your equipment running safely, efficiently, and reliably all year long. Becoming an MVP also gives you the peace of mind to know that you and your family will enjoy comfort year-round. Available for both Residential and Commercial systems.


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