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Our Promise

At Prudential, it’s our privilege to partner with you. Determined to exceed your expectations, our team of HVAC specialists promises customized solutions that are efficient, eco-friendly and competitively priced. Most importantly, we offer prompt estimates, quality service and honest communication-because that’s what we want for our family. Many HVAC contractors provide these assurances, but fail on the follow-through. We never forget that you’re our first priority.

Earning Your Loyalty

The Prudential Way

Prudential Heating and Air Conditioning Company, Inc., founded by Frank H. Arnold, Sr., has been serving the heating and cooling needs of homeowners and businesses in the Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana area since 1947. Prudential specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality systems for residential and commercial customers. For over 70 years, honesty, integrity and value have earned us the confidence and respect of this community. Customer satisfaction has been, and will continue to be the standard by which we measure our success.

It’s our Guiding Principle

Making A Difference

With an unparalleled commitment to our customers’ satisfaction, Prudential has always been focused on the health, safety, and comfort of each and every one of our customers. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that all HVAC systems be engineered and designed for proper sizing for the unique requirements of your home or building but only 3% of homes in the U.S. have systems that are properly sized.

Air Quality is Key

If not properly sealed, air may leak into your duct system. This air may then contain fumes from household and garden chemicals, insulation particles, mold, and dust. Aggravating existing conditions including asthma and allergies and leading to numerous other potential health problems.

Preventing Back Drafts

Leaking ducts can cause equipment to back draft– causing combustion gases to flow into your home rather than out of the vents. When any combustion devices are in depressurized areas, invisible gases, such as carbon monoxide (CO), can back draft into your home.

The Details Matter

Duct leaks, improper duct sizing, improper equipment sizing and improper installation will affect the level of comfort in your home making some rooms drafty while other rooms feel cooler or warmer than the others, resulting in an uncomfortable feeling…in your own home.
Professional. Skilled. Friendly.

Meet The Team

From management to technicians, the Prudential team brings professionalism, skill and friendliness to every heating and cooling project. Our HVAC technicians are licensed, trained professionals committed to your comfort and ready to work within your budget.

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If you consider yourself part of ‘Kentuckiana,’ chances are, you are also covered in our Service Area. Prudential HVAC has been installing, repairing and maintaining furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers and more in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana since 1947.

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